Wrought Iron & Repoussé Coffee Table - Mid Century

Wrought Iron & Repoussé Coffee Table - Mid Century

A stand out talking piece coffee table.

A hammered, scroll legged base, the 'C' shape scroll legs meet to form a back to back design, with the scroll work frame forming the feet, while the scroll tops form the resting point for the pewter covered table top.

The Repoussé top depicts a scene from possibly the Egyptian or Roman times, a lady sitting upon a X cross stool, pointing a loaded bow, preparing to shoot over the head of another lady sitting at the edge of a pond or lake. Reeds and a crane in the fore front and the sun is shining down on them both from the top corner.

The sides have a bobbled effect which flows around the four sides all mount to a sturdy beech timber under surface.

Interesting coffee table with some extensive artwork created across the top pewter surface.

Period: Mid 20th Century, Circa 1960's

Material: Wrought Iron, Pewter & Beech

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