Sun Burst Bamboo Art Easel - 19th Century

Sun Burst Bamboo Art Easel - 19th Century

One of the nicest real bamboo artists easel I have come across. 

Someone put a great deal of thought and design in creating this wonderful easel from the late 19th century circa 1880-1900.

The top has a remarkable artistic design from the bent black top section kinking out to form part of the frame that highlights the sun burst design. The blackened side rest and four holes to adjust the 'T' shaped pegs, add even more interest to this easel.

Extremely pretty late Victorian artists easel has oodles of style and flamboyance to inspire any artist. There is no paint splashed or flicked across this easel, so I would assume it was used for displaying finished art, rather than using it to paint on.   

Period: Late 19th Century, Circa 1880-1900

Material: Bamboo

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