Moorish Open Ended Liberty Table  by Leonard Wyburd

Moorish Open Ended Liberty Table by Leonard Wyburd

This beautiful Leonard Wyburd for Liberty table, crafted in oak, with influences of Spanish & Moorish styles. This shines through with the spindled panel sides. Extremely well made, sits upon brass and ceramic castors at the end of each leg, for ease of moving around the room when reading.

Often referred to as reading tables, but from the design, they would happily be adapted to many other uses around a new home.

Leonard Wyburd was head of the decoration and design studio at Liberty from 1883 until he left in 1903. He was influenced by the Spanish, Moorish and Arab styles popular at the time. He eventually left to set up his own studio in Wigmore Street studio in London. He was responsible for designing many arts & crafts pieces and was broadly involved with the arts & crafts movement during this period.

 Leonard Wyburd (12 June 1865 – 17 January 1958).

Period: 1883-1903

Material: Oak

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