Rare Entwined Carved & Folding Benares Brass Table

Rare Entwined Carved & Folding Benares Brass Table

The art of carving articulated wood from one piece has always fascinated me. 

Imagine even just the thought of attempting this is mind boggling, and you only get one attempt from a piece of nice timber.

Apart that thought, just look at the shape of the wood, each leg has a serpentine form, a detailed paw and a dogs head forming the rest for the top. The scalloped edged brass top has multiple demi lune shapes running around. 

The story on the brass top is supposed to depict spiritual metaphor; The incident in the life of Krishna where he 'steals' and hides the clothes of gopis who were bathing in a river.

You will see many variation of the hexagonal Benares tables, but this one is a little more rare with the unusual entwined carved legs and the level if craftsmanship is superb.

Period: Circa 1880

Material: Brass & Mahogany

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