Art for lovers - Hold me close, hold me dear.

Art for lovers - Hold me close, hold me dear.

I find sculptures absolutely fascinating.  Whatever the medium the maker has been able to look at a piece of wood or stone for example and turn it into a piece of beauty.

Standing on a well balanced base being part of the stone makes the sculpture stable going up to the lower body merged together and curvaceous.  Synched in at their waists, their upper backs and shoulders slightly held back as if admiring each other; leaving the imagination of eyes adoring each other.

The stone is in earthy tones with dappled shades over the sculpture.  There are some little age marks as if the piece has been held to admire.

Sculptures are a great addition to styling a room adding texture, interest and often very tactile.  We have had and continue to find exciting sculptures for the home and garden.  Stone, wood, alabaster, marble and more.  I do wonder as I move my hand over a piece how many others have done the same.


Art and sculptures are forms of visual expression that have been created by human beings for thousands of years. Art encompasses a wide variety of media and techniques, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and photography, among others. Sculpture, on the other hand, is a specific type of art that involves creating three-dimensional objects from various materials, such as stone, wood, clay, metal, or glass.

Throughout history, art and sculpture have played important roles in human culture, from serving as religious or ceremonial objects to expressions of personal or political beliefs. Art and sculptures have been used to commemorate important historical events, to communicate stories and myths, to express emotions and feelings, and to challenge established ideas and beliefs.

Today, art and sculpture continue to be important forms of expression, with many artists exploring new mediums and techniques. Museums, galleries, and public spaces around the world showcase a vast range of artworks and sculptures, providing viewers with opportunities to engage with and appreciate different styles and interpretations of art.

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