Decorative Vintage Japanese Kokeshi Dolls With A Story

Decorative Vintage Japanese Kokeshi Dolls With A Story

Kokeshi doll's have been made in the past for children to play with, although with the advent of mechanical and electronic toys over the decades. The attention has probably shifted from carved toys to online games. 

However, the level of detail given to the painted dolls in is very adorable. You can pick up where you left off online and continue to slay the next gaming beast, but once you get to the next level or finish the game you move on.

The beauty of a hand carved toy, shaped and designed in the artists mind, and delicately painted to portray a little story, lives on. Why? Well they become collectible, add another dimension to your home with a little colour thrown in for good measure.

Vintage Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

Take this Vintage Japanese Kokeshi doll for instance. Nicely carved from the branch of a cherry tree, with the bark left in place and a story that's been painted on to the surface. No detail has been left off. 

Look very closely as there is a whole story going on, a house amongst the landscape, possibly in front of a pond with the moon shining down and creating reflections with white flecks lower down.

I simply marvel at the constant variety that I find, it seems they never look the same, the detail each artist imbues upon the this once simple branch, is charmingly inspiring.

Clustered together on a shelf, propped in-between books or set amongst other interesting pieces, can only add a bit of fun around your home.

Add the wonderful signatures each artist applies to the base, or in some case form part of the body design and indeed tell a story.


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