Old Cottage Overlooking The Coast - Oil On Canvas

Old Cottage Overlooking The Coast - Oil On Canvas

A delightful oil on canvas painting of a very pretty cottage over looking the sea. 

My perfect idyllic coastal cottage, escape, unwind and chill. Drink good wine, eat delicious sea food and sleep like you have never slept before.

The view drew me in straight away and then the detail of the old cottage nestled in to the rocks on the side of the hill. Gorgeous colours and detail to this oil painting.

Together with a very nice carved wooden frame with a mainly old creamy white base colour with tints of green, browns and greys seeping through.

Signed in the bottom right hand corner Tanor, M.

Period: 20th Century

Material: Oil on canvas, painted wooden frame

Approximate Dimensions: 64cm wide x 55cm high x 4.5cm deep

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