Antique Gypsy Table With Bobbin Legs Circa 1900

Antique Gypsy Table With Bobbin Legs Circa 1900

Richly coloured antique gypsy table with a octagonal waxed pine top. The top is cradled by bobbin supports, a central turned tri-form base which in turn connect connects the bobbin legs. Truly delicate but clever use of supports.

All you need is a crystal ball and some taro cards so you can predict our future. A future where Covid is no more than a minor flu type virus and life is under control again. Holidays are a normal thing and mixing in public is ok without the constant worry. Well we can all hope.

A really wonderful piece with so much character and warmth in the pine. Would make a very nice side table, lamp table or bedside table.

Period: Circa Early 1900's

Material: Pine

Approximate Dimensions: 45cm wide x 69cm high x 45cm deep

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