19th Century Painted Pine Side Board

19th Century Painted Pine Side Board

Solid, substantial and so cavernous. Makes this 19th century painted pine cupboard with two drawers above two doors a must have piece.

Trying to imagine the family house it may have originally been used in and the stories it could tell. It probably had a very interesting life over the decades and was used for all sorts of different storage. Can imagine it being used for all the plates, serving dishes with cutlery and utensils in the drawers.

Gorgeous washed out look to the surface complete with worn paint from decades of use. Exceptional condition considering its age. One fixed internal shelf and two individually framed drawers. The central door panels are solid pine as the are raised and field, one door has the original lock, but sadly as is often the case, no key.

The cupboard sits of four turn feet and the back is also solid pine.

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