Burr Walnut Writing Slope Brass Strapping _ Circa 1860

Burr Walnut Writing Slope Brass Strapping _ Circa 1860

Imagine the delight of composing a letter with such an exquisite piece. The Burr Walnut and brass writing slope is a true masterpiece, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship from the rich grain of the walnut to the intricate brass detailing. Though missing its key, the central brass decoration complements the one above the lock, and the brass bands around the corners offer both protection and elegance.

Opening the lid reveals two sturdy brass hinges and a writing bed adorned with intact green baize. The interior front features three compartments, with the central one designed for pens. A gentle push on one end tilts the lid, revealing a hidden compartment for additional storage. The inside lid, secured by brass slide catches, drops down to expose ribbons for holding envelopes, along with ample space for writing paper and more envelopes.

The base lid lifts to unveil even more storage space, perfect for treasured items and, if you're lucky enough to discover it, a secret compartment. The outer base is also covered in baize, ensuring the walnut finish remains protected.

For letter and card enthusiasts, this writing slope transforms the act of correspondence into a special occasion. Even when not in use, it stands as a captivating, elegant addition to any home.

This writing slope is not just a tool, but a visual delight and a testament to the finest craftsmanship in burr walnut.

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