19th Century Ash & Elm Comb Back Windsor Chair

19th Century Ash & Elm Comb Back Windsor Chair

A Timeless Example of a West Country Comb Back Chair.

Ash & Elm Comb Back Windsor Chair, 19th Century. This chair invites you to take a seat and savor its craftsmanship. The generously curved arms embrace your back, while the spindles, securely in place, fit seamlessly into a glossy saddle seat that has developed a rich patina over the years. The headrest, with its distinctive shape and shoulders at each end, adds a unique flair.

Standing on angled, plain legs, this chair is both stable and visually intriguing. It demonstrates how simplicity in design can result in a masterpiece. The patination and deep color of the wood reflect the care and affection it has received over the decades.

A versatile piece, this chair is the perfect "little black dress" for your home interior. Are you ready to become the next custodian of this exquisite chair?

Period: 19th Century, Circa 1840

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