Vintage Leather Danish Sofa by Stouby

Vintage Leather Danish Sofa by Stouby

Vintage Leather Sofa by Stouby

Danish sofa designed and manufactured by Stouby, upholstered in Tan leather.  Circa 1950 – 1970 this two-seater sofa is a classic and we feel a timeless piece.

Bearing all the signs of being loved and used the sofa has veins on the arms and marks on the seat pads.  The covers are filled with feathers inside internal covers.  The sofa bears the makers mark of Stouby.  Clearly made to last still very comfortable to sit on.

The sofa has been gently cleaned and finished with a leather treatment ready to take centre stage in any home.

This would make the perfect seat for a kitchen snug area. Make a fresh cup of coffee (or tea), grab your favorite book and settle in for a bit a me time. What more could you want?

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