Teak, Brass and intricately designed cupboard doors

Teak, Brass and intricately designed cupboard doors

Characterful solid teak makes this a very nice piece that will only become more interesting as time passes. What makes this beautifully constructed piece a winner in my book, is the wonderful inlaid brass on on the eighteen framed panels on the the doors.

On the left door you will see brass rosettes on each of the frames, where the doors meet. Look closely and the frame around the doors is beautifully chip carved to add even more detail.

The top, sides and back are all solid plain panels. On the left and right side is a dog tooth skirting design adding a nice touch to this lovely piece of Indian history.

Endless choice of use, pantry, plate store, drinks cupboard or general storage in any room.

Not a piece you want to hide away, needs to be seen and enjoyed by everyone.



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