Pitch Pine Chest Of Drawers - Circa 1880

Pitch Pine Chest Of Drawers - Circa 1880

Quality, style with great design detail making this stand out.

Wonderful large example of a pitch pine chest of drawers made from long grown 19th century pitch pine. The top is made from two solid planks with a curved overhanging trip.

Charming detail with beaded and framed side panels. soft curved pilasters  with curved spaced collars. Each panel is made from solid pitch pine panels, clearly visible from the inside. Cock bead trim around the drawers adding a little more detail deal and features. Nicely finished with a delightful low fretwork skirting.

Each knob is turned with its own turned pine threaded screw, very unusual to see these. So each is threaded into the drawer panel. Two over three deep chest of drawer.

All in the detail...

Period: 19th Century, Circa 1880


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