Our History Is Our Future...

Our History Is Our Future...

History today is taught in a way to capture our imagination, with our own family it was much more than just dates in time. Television, film, and cinema brings to life times past with all the elements, to truly show what life was like.

Furniture, lighting, collectables do the same. We have had, and continue to find such interesting and diverse pieces of furniture for example which bear the marks patinated colour of time loved and used as it should be.

Finding an 18th century colonial iron bound coffer with it's original handmade lock, working out how it works; these parts so easily lost.

Over two hundred years old, with many more lifetimes of use still to give, and be enjoyed time and time again.

How many of todays throw away products could offer the same pleasure and do the same, I wonder. We are about keeping quality surviving the decades.  Educating us along the way, giving us tremendous enjoyment without destroying the planet.

In essence, living with the past and and enjoying parts of our history in the future.

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