Pair of 1900's French carved tub chairs

A Question Often Asked...Will I get another one like this?

Quite often I hear, I sadly missed that lovely piece you had in last week. Will I get another I'm asked, my reply is the same, I am afraid not. 

Finding these lovely bits of history is hard enough, trying to find another one identical is nigh on impossible. When something is sold, its a sad fact that I will probably not see another in the identical finish, colour, style or design. But hey, that is not a bad thing anyway. This means the next similar piece will be just as unique as the last.

1900's French carved tub chairs

The only variation on this, is a pair. Now when you come across a pair of the same or near identical pair as its often the case. This is probably the best you will ever achieve replicating of a single item.

But most of the time, even a pair is not a precise pair when you analyze the pair thoroughly. Candle sticks are a good example; they often come in pairs, but because they are handmade, they each have very subtle differences if you study them closely.

Oak barley twist candle holders

This is mainly down to the artisan or craftsman who has created the pieces, a minor difference to a piece of timber, an imperfection here or there, adds that little nuance to the finished product. So, near perfect I would say.

   So when you are considering an emotional purchase, don't hang around to long as you can miss out and be very disappointed. So many times this has happened and its always difficult saying 'Its Sadly Gone'. The next best things is to go on our sourcing list and we will try to find something similar.

So my advice is, if you see a piece, love it and don't want to miss out. Buy it quickly with your heart, as it will be gone before you know it. I here you say, 'You would say this'. Well I have first hand experience of this happening to me, so I know what it's like. 

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