Elm Bench With Fret Work - Circa 19th Century

Elm Bench With Fret Work - Circa 19th Century

Original 19th Century Elm Bench features nice, beautiful, fret work detailing under the seat, making it an ideal timeless classic choice for a bench. Crafted from solid elm wood, this elm bench will create a charming style and be extremely durable.

Lots of time worn marks and wear across the seat, you can even see the markings where the furniture maker made his scribe marks ready to chisel out the square holes for the leg joints and the ends have been cut into a semi circle shape.

The legs are stepped out front and back to give it sturdy stance and show all the gnarly marks on the edges.

Wonderful colour and design. Perfect as a hallway bench or down one side of a refectory table, maybe against the wall to take up less space.

Period: Late 19th Century

Material: Elm

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