Carved English Oak Cricket Table - Circa 1840-1880

Carved English Oak Cricket Table - Circa 1840-1880

19th Century Carved Oak Cricket Table By J O'Neill & Co Liverpool.

Quite a rare carved English Oak cricket table dated between 1840-1880 with a nonagon 9 sided carved top. Not a usual shape that comes up often.

The company J O'Neil & Co established themselves during the 18th century in 1772, and were based in 16 Church Street, Liverpool. They were cabinet makers as well as manufacturers of beds, mattresses and upholsters. The table has the original makers label attached to the underneath of the octagonal top, with their address, trade details and the date established 1772. Also a two sets of four digit numbers carved into the base.

This particular piece has an unusual nonagon top (nine sided top), turned legs and an under tier shelf with scalloped edges in a fretwork design. Extremely well built and stable in design.

Classed as a cricket table due to the three legged design. Usually you see the very provincial style crickets tables with a more rustic finish and look. But they were often made with octagonal tops and were sometimes lavishly carved, as is this one.

The top has a border of linked lunette carvings, with an inner nonagon border framing the carved foliate central design.

Period: 1840-1880

Material: English Oak

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