Art meets practicality, form and function - Stick & Umbrella Stand

Art meets practicality, form and function - Stick & Umbrella Stand

Art meets practicality, form and function...

19th Century Victorian Cast Iron Grapevine Stick Umbrella Stand

If you own a vineyard, this has to be the perfect stick stand for your entrance hall.

Exquisite detail in the form of a very a nice grape vine design including bunches of grape. 

When I first saw this stick stand, I thought, It couldn't get any better. Then I studied the design and I was amazed at the incredible thought that went into designing this wonderful piece. 

This drip tray is fixed, follows the shape of the figure of eight style of the stick arm support holder above. The vine forms the top of the tray and flows in to detailed bunches of grapes, which then creates the look of feet splayed outwards. The casting has to be the nicest I have ever seen. 

Thought to be in the manner of Coalbrookdale, very naturalistic and so individual. Everything was considered on this piece, could not ask for more really.

The vine climbs up to create the vertical back, they have even managed to capture the detail of the bark, leaves and stumps where vines have fallen away. The vine intertwines upwards and forms a hand grip at the top for easy of moving. Finally you have a perfectly shaped figure of eight stick support with the same detail.

The stand has been stamped on the base. Some of the other marks are very faint and hard to make out the exact name, please inspect the photo. From the stamp we have determined from the top down and left to right, that the numeral 1 is metal, V is for the year date 1850, A is December, 10 is the tenth day and the bottom number in the diamond is the bundle of documents relating to the item at the records office, in this case the number 5. This was a registered design, and essentially it dates to the 10th of December 1850.

Only one available, probably never see another for a while, if ever in this style.

Period: 10th of December 1850 as per the stamp. 19th Century.

Material: Cast Iron

Approximate Dimensions:

64.5cm high
50cm wide
23cm deep

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