Arts & Crafts Splat Back Beech Chair

Arts & Crafts Splat Back Beech Chair

Very pretty original Arts & Crafts splat back chair in the style of Morris & Co for possibly Liberty.

The style is similar to the Sussex Chair but this one stands out on its own. It has a distinctive charm and individual styling on the splat back.

Normally you see straight splats or wavy splats, this one has an abacus design (to me) back, you say what you see I think in design.

Love the way the back finishes below the rush seating and adds additional structure to the chair. While the the twin stretchers finish the sides and front off nicely.

Have you ever come across a very pretty original Arts & Crafts splat back chair in the style of Morris & Co for possibly Liberty? Let's delve into the unique features of this distinctive piece.

Distinctive Abacus Design

This chair stands out with its abacus design back, a departure from the typical straight or wavy splats. The intricate detailing adds a touch of individual styling and charm to the piece.

Structural Elements

The back of the chair finishing below the rush seating not only adds visual interest but also provides additional structural support. The twin stretchers on the sides and front complete the look with finesse.

Elegant Touches

The splayed curve of the arms, tapered legs, and arm supports with squashed ball tops showcase elegant craftsmanship. The simplicity and grace of the turned details elevate the overall aesthetic of the chair.

Natural Worn Finish

The chair boasts a natural worn finish that adds character and depth to the piece. This weathered look enhances the vintage appeal of the Arts & Crafts style, making it a truly unique find.

The splayed curve to the arms adds a nice a touch and meet the tapered legs and arm supports with a squashed ball at the top, simply and elegantly turned.

The chair has a natural worn finish across all the timber, creating a charming patina, with a little more nibble wear to the edge of the arm. It has had some repairs, but what I love is someone used metal wire to bond and fix the damage. To me, this is perfect, as it shows you some has cherished this chair so it can live on. Two fixes to the top rail and one to the arm. Very well repaired and now a firm repair. All solid & no loose joints.

Great accent chair! 1920's hall runner and mirror available separately.

Period: Circa 1860


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