Where would we be without a table?

Where would we be without a table?

Early antique tables were made by Ancient Egyptians believed to be 2500BC of wood and stone, used not for dining at the time but to keep things above floor level.

Today we use them in our daily life possibly without even thinking

about it.  An item to sit at to work, to eat but more importantly to interact with others to socialize.  To spend quality time with family and friends.  To replenish the body eating, drinking and discussing the days events.

Anglo Indian Carved Table

Antique & Vintage tables are large and small, three or four legs straight, curved and bobbin to name a few.  Made of hardwood, softwood and fruitwoods.  Metal, glass, stone all these play a part in our day to day life.  We adorn our homes with sometimes large bold statement pieces, whilst others sit in the corner delicate in design.

We aim to keep our table selection as varied as possible and across the ages.  Antique bobbin leg gypsy tables, mahogany demi lune side tables designed to stand next to a wall.  Anglo Indian highly decoratively carved, the tiny detail brings the eye back to it time and time again.  Giltwood or ebonised finish.

There is always another gem we find once forgotten, dry and dusty to bring back to life for those to enjoy their moments for many years to come.

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