Serpentine Inlaid Wall Cabinet & Open Shelves

Serpentine Inlaid Wall Cabinet & Open Shelves

Charming & individual styled, serpentine cabinet. 

There is so much to like about this piece and from the early 1800's. Take a look at the base of the cabinet, the sides have fretwork carved in to and from part of the sides, the front has two sweeping fretwork arches meeting in the middle to form a point.

The whole bottom section of the wall cupboard has been formed in a serpentine shape.  Plus, the two doors and side panel frames have parquetry creating a geometric border and diamond pattern.

The charming open section above with a central fixed shelf is stepped back as it rises from the serpentine cabinet below. Although the open section is all joined, it feels independent from the lower section by means of design. Love the geometric fretwork on both sides, looks like someone had fun making this one.

And the best bit it comes with the original lock and a key. 

Period: Early 19th century, circa 1820-1840

Material: Fruitwood

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