Magic Asian Bokhara Rug

Magic Asian Bokhara Rug

Asian Bokhara Rug With A Red Ground

Bright and cheery Asian Bokhara (or Bukhara) rug with 27 medallions in the central field. Multiple coloured borders featuring various patterns and symbols.

When you look closely there are main bright colours making up the beautiful rug.

Colours include; Red, cream, black, terracotta & deep pink.

Tassels to both ends and a good size to make a great central feature in your room.

The use of rugs just adds a touch of richness to any room. Whether you want to throw over the top of you existing carpet, or simply add to an area with stripped back floor boards. You add warmth to the room and soft the noise of the floor boards.

Another great idea is you can simply move the rugs around from room to room. Trying out different scenarios and styling. The options are endless

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