Evoking the spice of life

Evoking the spice of life

Dutch colonial chest

Wow and Wow, this beautiful Dutch Colonial Chest is something to admire. 

The high quality detail, nice workmanship of solid construction and a great weight to the wood. Elaborate brass handles coupled with the lock add an opulence to the chest.  The lid and base is also edged in brass and the chest is covered with brass diamond shapes. 

In sunshine or evening glow, light is warmed by the chest bringing it alive and letting the imagination flow.  Hot sunshine and colourful spices of lands afar.

The chest offers great storage for bedding or all those family pieces tidying away, whilst being an interesting and stunning addition to any room


The substantial brass plated drop handles for carrying are definitely there for a reason. They are nicely shaped, have a perforated plate with solid crescent shaped drop handles. The brass extends to a protective edge band around the lid and base, which is a nice touch.  Eleven diamond shaped brass inlays to the top, and twenty four to the front.

Antique colonial chest

The very ornate brass hasp and staple are devine. The hasp is hinged twice, has a perforated design and covers the equally ornate plate of the staple. When you lift the hasp it reveal's a star perforated plate with a working slide locking plate, slide the top part up, the bottom section hinges down to reveal a key hole. The key is sadly no longer around, so the locking mechanism has been removed as the catch has sprung forward, but resides in the till (or candle) box to the right hand side for safe keeping.

This chest can only keep on giving, you'll never tire of exploring the detail, and can only make you smile in admiration of the wonderful craftsmanship and detail.

18th Century Antique Chest

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