19th Century Oak Carved Oak & Inlaid Coffer

19th Century Oak Carved Oak & Inlaid Coffer

Superbly detailed, inlaid, and carved coffer

The colour, carving and peg construction make this a charming coffer from around the early half of the 1800's. Great size providing ample storage. Complete with the original Till/Candle box. 

Four framed panels, each frame intricately carved with lunettes and floral detailing. The carvings flow down each style which form the supporting leg construction. The side panels are divided into two sections by the framework.

Each centre panel has a varied inlaid diamond pattern, highlight different timber colours with a central carved floral rosette pattern and circular border.

What is interesting is the possibility it was carved in the west country, maybe around the Somerset Levels. Often the carver would travel from county to county, adding his provincial style and designs to each piece. Also, the height of the carved frame rails also had a bearing on location in some circumstances.

Would make a great entrance piece, or position in a prominent position, or behind a sofa. Universally, a great decorative piece for the home.  Stunning age and feel to this one. 

Period: Circa 1820-1850

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